Who are we?

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For 40 years, HORIZON SERVITAS acts on the insurance market rendering Claim Adjustment, Property Risk Expertise (Fire, Theft, Loss of Profit, Engineering and Miscellaneous Risks), General Civil Liability, and International Transport Services.

In 2004, we started the rendering of adjustment services of property risk claims to the IRB-Brasil Resseguros S.A., according to the PRESI circular 031/2004 of 12.23.2004 – cadaster renovated in 2010.

HORIZON SERVITAS is composed of professionals working in the adjustment and expertise areas, distributed across our offices in the South, Midwest and Northeast of Brazil.

The technical adjustment and expertise staff is trained in the areas of Civil, Mechanical, Telecommunication, Electrical, and Agronomic Engineering, Foreign Trade, Biochemistry, Accounting, and Business Administration with specialization in finance.

Our Values

Respect for professionals.
Identify the needs of our customers by offering services that exceed their expectations of accountability and quality.
Generate results, prioritizing the practice of continuous improvement to achieve our goals with creativity and technology; deploy differentiated solutions ensuring our competitiveness.

Our History

HORIZON SERVITAS started its activities in 1978, when the Bachelor in Law John Muller Kuntz, after having worked for a few years in insurance companies and an insurance broker, decides to act as a Claims Adjuster and thus creates the SERVITAS SERVIÇOS AUXILIARES DE SEGUROS LTDA.

In 1995, SERVITAS, , intending to enlarge its area of operation and to expand its business, joined HORIZON SERVIÇOS TÉCNICOS DE SEGUROS LTDA., created in 1992 by the Rosiler dos Santos, a Civil Engineer.

At that time, HORIZON and SERVITAS distinguished themselves in the insurance market of the State of Santa Catarina, due to the technical work in Claims Adjustment and Risk Inspection.

From this association emerged HORIZON SERVITAS, created to keep these two names as a strong brand, already consolidated and recognized by the insurance market.