Specialized professionals in the areas of Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Telecommunication and Agronomic Engineering, Foreign Trade, Accounting and Biochemistry with tailored solutions to meet the needs of the domestic and international market.

A Manager dedicated to the Differentiated Risks Department, 15 regulators, and 10 administrative professionals guarantee support to the claims department, and the local and abroad brokers and reinsurers. A bilingual adjusting staff and specialized consultants in the areas of Civil Engineering (calculators, planners and budgeters), Mechanical Engineering, Accounting and Biochemistry serve the domestic territory, and with capacity to act in South American countries.


Industrial risks (named and operational ones), Trade and Services, Industrial Equipment, Civil and Rural Construction, Engineering Risks, Tax, and Environmental Contamination of Food and Pharmaceuticals. Our experience has resulted in setting up a service team specialized in the adjustment and expertise of property damages and civil liability. Our staff includes consulting applied to specific areas that work punctually in complex cases that require mediation.


We carry out the management of processes using an ERP platform developed by HORIZON SERVITAS in partnership with the technology company DIATIVA, allowing the monitoring of the workflow at any time. Our team is composed of 01 manager responsible for the Massified Claims Department, 15 regulators and 10 administrative and operational professionals distributed in the States of Santa Catarina, Paraná and Rio Grande do Sul.

All members are exclusive HORIZON SERVITAS officials and are duly registered in accordance with the regulations of the Brazilian Ministry of Labor. We have developed the fast attendance in contingency operations with the joined support of the operational and technical staff in order to give flow to the adjustment work, streamlining the claim settlement process.


With experience in claim adjustments and foreign trade in the domestic and international sphere, our facilities are located close to major Ports, Airports and Customs Warehouses in Santa Catarina, Paraná, and Rio de Janeiro.

The team is composed of a Manager dedicated to the International Transport area, 04 adjusters, and 04 administrative professionals who act in adjustment operation, the monitoring of cargos and administrative procedures between the claims department, brokers, cargo agents, customs brokers, port operators, custom inspectors, importers, and exporters. In addition to the support of a call center and damage commissioners, we dispose of 03 bilingual professionals in the area of foreign trade with experience in the domestic and international market. The three major professionals of the staff are located next to the ports of Itajaí, Navegantes, SC, and Rio de Janeiro, RJ. We also count on the technical support of the Differentiated Risk Department consultants, especially of the mechanical and biochemical areas, who assist in determining causes and effects. The legal customs support is provided by the law firm specialized in customs law.

Professionals specialized in small and large claims.

- Enterprise Comprehensive;
- Joint Owner Comprehensive;
- Residential Comprehensive;
- Named Risks;
- Operational Risks;
- Engineering Risks;
- Global of Banks;
- Loss of Profit.

Skill and experience for tough decisions.

- General Civil Liability;
- Professional Civil Liability.
Differentiated service for agricultural equipment and crop products.

- Improvements;
- Farming and Cattle Raising Products;
- Rural Lien.
Damage commissioners prepared for domestic and international transport claims.

- Domestic Transport;
- International Transport;
- Civil Transport Liability.